Work to show using a calculator

What work would you show if you were doing a significance test or a confidence interval on a calculator? Would you just put the data you entered?

I believe that we wont have to construct Confidence Intervals and Significance test as they said we wont need to use a scientific calculator, but if we do then yes write the data and write the equation with the values in it

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Oh so do you also have to write the equation as well and not just the command?

You need to write by hand all of the calculations that your calculator is doing, so the AP readers know that you know what you’re doing. This means that if you’re calculating a z score in order to find a p value, you must show the way you found your z score, and then explain how this z score leads you to a p value. However, you can simply write the p value given by your calculator without work for that. Hope this helped!

A little bit more general, but you MUST show the work, not just calculator notation - this includes everything from probability, inference, etc. Normalcdf or any of the cdf/pdf by themselves will NOT score on the AP exam unless you provide work as well.

Show what you typed in the calculator and what each number means. Things like mean, SD, upper limit, Z statistic, P - value and so on…label them!!!

So like if I were to find the test statistic of a one sample t test for means, I would have to write the actual formula for the test statistic and plug in the values and then I could use a calculator to solve?


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