Would this bit of Outside Evidence Get the point?

Claim for Body Paragraph:
Portuguese transformed Indian Ocean trading network by displacing traditional merchants in the area, like the Muslim merchants.

Two pieces of Outside Evidence:
The Portugese also took over the key trading state in the Indian Ocean known as the Sultanate of Malacca, a Muslim state, and used the very valuable Strait of Malacca for their own profit and this is an example of the Portugese transformed Indian Ocean trade by displacing the states and merchants who had originally been dominant there.

The Portugese also took over some of the Swahili-City States and these states used to be a very key part of the Indian Ocean trade network as they linked Africa to the rest of the Indian Ocean and the Portugese established trading posts and bases in these city-states and made profits off of them. This shows how the Portugese had effectively transformed maritime trade in the area by displacing some of the city-states who used to be dominant in the Indian Ocean trading network.

Yes, this would count for outside evidence—as long as it isn’t in the documents, because I don’t have them. Good information!

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