Would this document get the sourcing point?

This is a HIPP Analysis for a document in the DBQ Mr. Beckman made about about rulers using traditional methods to consolidate their power. Would this probably get the point?

HIPP Analysis:
Since the Qing were foreigners, the Qing would feel the need for them to use traditional methods more than other rulers, who are the same race as their people, do since the Qing would want to convince the people that the Qing are legitimate rulers even though they were foreigners and that would be why they would heavily grasp on to the very traditional Chinese part of culture called Confucianism which most ethnic Han Chinese rulers used in the past. Their perspective would be the reason behind them using traditional methods to legitimize their rule while other rulers would have not felt the need to use traditional methods to legitimize their power since they would be the same ethnicity as their subjects.

I would say that this earns the sourcing. Your first sentence is a bit…long/awkward/run-on…but this is a first draft of a cold prompt and more importantly you appropriately analyze the document itself. The readers know that. This is good. Hang in there.

Good luck tomorrow!

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