Would this sourcing get the point?

This can be seen in Document 1 where the Japanese a Japanese warrior is defeating a big Chinese warrior showing how Japan a foreign power was conquering China. This shows how Chinese reform movements were successful at warding off the Japanese. This document was likely made in the context of after the Sino-Japanese War where China was brutally defeated by Japanese invaders and this event may be what the author is referring to in the document. China’s defeat during the Sino-Japanese War shows how reform movements in China like the self-strengthening movement were successful in warding off Japanese.

Claim: Both Ottoman and Chinese reform movements were ultimately unsuccessful at warding off foreigners.

It looks good except for this. I assume this is a typo.

Yeah, I meant to put it was not successful. If something like this happens on the actual test, would the reader assume based on the context about what we meant or will we miss the point?

Hello! I don’t know, I see that you keep claiming Chinese success when even the doc has a statement that they were “unsuccessful at warding off foreigners”… seems to be a bit of confusion. Good luck on the test!

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